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I’m pretty sure that’s my reaction … Then again you are naked and alice stop staring (|||❛︵❛.)

Yamada san …… Blushing …… ?
Now i’m secretly hoping for your route ~

Anonymous whispered:
No new CG ?

Other than BMPS2 resort event other has no new event ^^
For MFW there are having house renovation and after that it seem it will be Saeki’s event but i’m not sure if i’ll participate because dont have enough muni ~

Where else you can see Sebby reading Junjou Romantica ? This is a rare sight ~ (〃艸〃) 

Dont be so grumpy ! ! ⸌̷̻( ᷇ॢ〰ॢ ᷆◍)⸌̷̻♡⃛

AFAID - Day1 is finished ! ! ! ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶
Theres not a lot of booth just yet because its Friday but theres a lot of artist who came and sell their amazing artwork ! !
Fanart for FREE! , DMMD, Black Monkey, Kuroshitsuji, Love Live Idol, SnK and tons more are being sell ^__^

I want to buy a lot but i didnt bring that many money with me so i just sobs while walk pass by them w w w
Overall its really crowed and the atmosphere is super fun ! ! !
I’ll be going tomorrow too for cosplay and Sunday as well


Be My Princess Season2 For GREE (JP)
Summer Resort Event~ Ivan Route


Be My Princess Season2 For GREE (JP)
Summer Resort Event~ Aslan Route

「eat me」…? (๑°︿°๑)


#1 『特別なパートナーと』

『With special partner』


「Special café latte… ready to serve」


#2 『大切な存在』
『The important existence』

「Brother… is the best」


Special CG from completed all Glenn’s birthday event route ^^

#1『幸せ 』

『 Happiness』

「That’s right, smiling face is the best」


#2 『これからも』

『 From now on too』

「Can you smiling by my side..?」


Anonymous whispered:
Do you have any plan to upload the drama cd tracks ??

Nnnnnn ~ i noticed some of my followers are underage so i dont think i’ll post the yaoi or R18, i might think about the normal one but i forgot which boxes i pack those since i dont really listen much to it anymore σ(^_^;)
I might as well sell it or give it away to someone ~


Be My Princess Season1&2 For GREE (JP)
Glenn Birthday Event(7/10) Special CGs

Be My Princess(JPN)
Secret Diary House Renovation Event ~