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Be My Princess (JPN)
Prince Roberto’s Wonder Birthday Magical Kiss Event - Alberto SHE CG

Anonymous whispered:
[HONESTY HOURS] what the most thing you hate from the otome fandom ? Don't lie !

Emm …. This is hard because lately the fandom suddenly become a competition … But the most thing is maybe on how some player can let their jealousy rule their emotion and they start to bash other players specially the one who has the same bias ?
How they dislike their bias being liked by others, how they dislike their bias being talk with them and more importantly how they think they know their bias more than other and that the bias are theirs first …

After long hardship MC and Akira finally become couple and kissy kissy in changing room, Momo were outside eavesdrop but then Yamada san barge inside the changing room because he has something to say to MC chan while Momo tried to stop him but failed, what Momo didnt know they were kissing instead of hugging so he scream …
He’s so cute …

No Oliver though but its still cute ^___^

Apparently having your grandson time travel 50years back to your era isnt really a surprising news to them anymore, even Wilfred comment like “oh … You must be Roberto’s grandson” and Keith will be like “e? You look like Roberto” and Edward will be “Nice to meet you Oliver” and Glenn would be “another trouble it seem” wwww

Be My Princess (JPN)
Prince Roberto Wonder Birthday Magical Kiss - Oliver SHE CG

You two are so cute, like a Button …

At first Roberto was wearing this year halloween costume as Cheshire but then he change it to last year’s costume so it would match Oliver because MC made Oliver the white version of phantom thief ^___^

I want to promote Oliver as the princes of emoji …

If you want to know answer from someone and they dont tell you, just use Ivan method that you will kiss them if they dont tell you in 5second
Unless its a person that annoys you … You still kiss them in the face … With cactus .. Full of love ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

Have Chibi Will winking at you ~
( •ॢ◡-ॢ)-♡

Kevin change his clothes to Joshie’s clothes !! And Ryuo in his casual(?) clothes , it look like those Chinese material art clothes .. σ(^_^;)

Soryu isnt the type who like to dress up for halloween party because for him its childish behavior, but at the end he is forced by Baba and 2 of his junior to dress up because MC does
(Basically they just take the shirt out and ripped the bottom part and gave him vampire(?) like coat)

My Forged Wedding (JPN)
Trick or Kiss Event - Saeki SHE CG



Where is Joshua??
If you know the answer, please share!!

The Cradle of Thorns ~ My Brother Belongs to Me ~
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See him right away ♥︎

Story time ~ yaaaayy no

In SHE route after coming back from Noble’s Halloween Party, Henry will take MC to amusement park to spend time alone there together (it seem like he rent the park ….) just typical normal sweet date with holding hands and kiss and when come back to the castle frick frack happen (its Henry so … σ(^_^;)
As for HE route after coming back from Noble’s Halloween Party, Llyod is waiting for them because Henry has a work to do. Because its still Halloween Henry think it would be waste for MC chan to just come home and rest so he ask Llyod to escort her and company her to the amusement park for 2 hours, in there they play a lot with the ride and MC even said the black horse (in merry go round) somehow suit Llyod and white horse suit Henry, after that they walk around again chatting and then (if i’m not wrong since i play it while half-asleep) MC chan ask what Llyod want to be for halloween ? Or what he wish for. At first Llyod didnt really know and he just said he is happy the way he is (meaning as butler and serving Philips maybe) and when 2 hours over Llyod take MC back to the castle to the Garden where Henry is waiting. Then Llyod head inside to the Castle alone and watch them from the window and remember MC’s question earlier about what he wish and he said he want to be MC’s prince …. But of course he just give a heartbreaking soul ripping smile after because he know its impossible …
(I think i kinda describe the story slightly wrong, i’m half asleep so i dont remember much … But this is what i remember)