What is the game about ?? Can you do summary ??

Theres not much i can give since the game is just gacha short story game kind, they dont give whole story how you end up there and why etc. but i can explain(?) the character i guess?

There are just 5 characters (currently, theres 15 slots though)
2 sensei, 1 childhood friend, 1 president council and 1 junior
2 sensei is :
Mayama Ichirou (the glasses sensei, i forgot who is the seiyuu)
He is the stern, scary strict kind of sensei that everyone scared of and pay respect to. MC were sleeping in the middle of the class and got scolded by him, after that MC got called to his office and got more lecture (poor MC …) but she still sleepy so she didnt focus and sensei end up kissing her to make her focus, MC is confuse because sensei always mean to her and sensei said thats because he likes her, MC is a bit sadist here so she tease sensei on how she would report the sexual harassment to council president but sensei is way more sadist so he said before MC can do that he would probably tie her up and take her to his apartment and lock her up, telling her parents that she need to stay over for study purpose ^^;

Ichinose Kuga (the cute blushing sensei, seiyuu is no other than Hirarin oniisama)
He is the homeroom sensei, MC got called to his office because MC didnt fill the paper of “what i want to be in future” (japanese student specially in their senior year got this), sensei is confuse and then he ask if MC want to do her own work or helping her parents or want to open a store but MC keep saying no, and then MC conffess saying she want to become a bride after graduate which make sensei panic asking her if she have someone she is dating and she said no which make sensei relief, then when sensei ask who is the bride she want to be MC end up tackling him and said his bride (www bold MC) but because sensei is the type who is kind to everyone else so he never really date before, he just see MC as his precious student which make MC cry but he try to compose himself and end up conffessing his feeling that he also in love with MC since freshman year (since its Hirarin of course theres kissing sound)

Touma (i forgot his first name and seiyuu)
One day after school MC just want to head back home and accidentally meet Touma, Touma confuse since MC usually go home with her friend but this time shes alone so he offer her to go home together (their house is next to each other) MC is confused because after all this years Touma seem to distance himself from MC and she think he have a cold wwww Touma end up taking MC bag and MC have no option to go home with him, MC was going to buy a book but Touma said later and he ask her to company him somewhere and he end up taking her to a park where they use to play all day, also to the riverbank(do i type this right?) saying they use to catch fish and play water war there, Touma feel nostilagic and remember when MC were cute back then making MC hit him, then Touma said the first time he touch a soccer ball is because of MC(he is in soccer club) then somehow he bluntly ask MC if theres anyone she like and MC said no, after chatting a while Touma finally conffess and demanding for answer (he is tsundere) MC said its embarrassing and told Touma to close his eyes so that she can answer, when Touma close his eyes making MC kiss him for answer(so bold oAo) and Touma panic and told MC he didnt get it but MC too embarrassed and start to run away, Touma get mad and start to chase her home (so cute)

For the council president and junior i havent finish collecting their audio yet so i cant tell the summary/story(?) ^^
Also i dont think i’ll play the junior because he is too shota for me ^^;;

Is that a new voltage game ??

No ^^ it’s not from voltage inc


I hate childhood relationship that slowly parting because of they grow up (υ༎ຶν༎ຶ) good thing Touma is watching MC silently ~
He take MC to the park where they use to play all day back in days and finally confess, MC end up kissing him for answer and Touma didnt understand so MC run away because shes embarrassed wwwwww

Advertiser that cause misunderstand w w w w

So long just to get 1st CG ~ (υ༎ຶν༎ຶ)
But finally got Sui’s 1st ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

MC is very bold saying she want to be sensei’s bride after graduate (〃艸〃) 
And that kissing sound … Uu … (../﹏/)
As expect from Hirarin-oniisama, how many time you want me to have heart failure ?

finish both full CG and audio for both sensei ! ! So happy, now into Touma

一郎先生!!! (〃艸〃) ♥︎

Touma keep staring at MC in 1st CG w w w w

クニ先輩 ~~ 可愛いな〜

My Forged Wedding GREE(JPN)
Happy Birthday Yamato Event SHE CG

Poor saeki sensei wwwww
Then again you do flirt with student and thats not allowed (´-﹏-`;)

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Secret Love Event - Shin HE CG

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Second Love Story Event - Yuta SHE CG



Be My Princess Season2 For GREE (JP)
Summer Festival Event
Ivan Route

My Forged Wedding GREE(JPN)
Second Love Story Event - Takao SHE CG


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